This is where you'll find music that I write for myself more than anything else. Sometimes its just an idea. Sometimes its for fun and sometimes its a way to let me vent. Warning: A lot of these songs are in demo form meaning that the production level is low.
This was based on an idea I had and written at a maniacle pace with my good friend Steve Oberheu
This was the test of the new EMG pickups I put on my Strat. Basically a quick cover of Led Zepplin's "Kashmir".
About being dead (sort of)
This song's about breaking up and not wanting to be there, but knowing you have to go through the ropes.
This song probably doesn't make sense to anyone other than me. Its basically an autobiography about important points in my life. It starts with my very first memories at age three and goes through things such as my first crush, my father's mother dying, my high school sweetheart, college, Switzerland and moving to L.A..