Well... There you go.
So Apple officially announced their transition to the Intel Processor today. Over the weekend I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this. But now knowing that the rumors are true, I'm not too worried. It seems that almost all applications will be able to run immediately via a translator called "Rosetta". This transition is also going to take a while (2 years). Before I heard news of this I was planning on buying a G5 this summer. Will I still get one? I think so. Two years is a long time, and there's a lot of work I can do with a G5 until then. The interesting fact is that many people feel the Pentium is coming to its end of life. This has posed a problem for Microsoft because they still have legacy coding for the 486 platform which the Pentium is able to emulate. Future versions of Intel processors will not have this legacy support. Lucky for us mac users that we're not going to be stuck with legacy code! In the end my main concern is that the OS and computer retains it's ease of use and hardware integration. If it can run faster and more efficiently on a G5, then I say "go for it". Also, maybe we'll get some unexpected benefits like stronger windows compatibility.