7 months!
Man! Quite a bit of time there!! Things are going on as usual over here. I did a little bit of traveling around the U.S. with the Clarke/Duke tour this summer but decided not to go to Europe with the group. I think this is the longest I have been without going to Europe in the past 6 years! Aside from that I worked Don Cornelius' (Soul Train) birthday party with George Duke and James Ingram and then we went on and did Jesse Jackson's Birthday a few weeks later. This is the 4th year that George has played and things went pretty smoothly. James was phenomenal on stage. Its very rare that I work with a singer that perform at James' level. It really feels like you're hearing the album when he does his thing.

In other news I should be posting a couple more songs onto my MySpace page soon. I've done a major overhaul to my writing setup and its become a real joy to work with again. I'm also going to see about putting in some pics from my recent trips (including my last trip to Hawaii in the spring). All the best.