Jun 2005
Lil Evan
Best wishes to one of my closest friends Steve and his wife Callie. Here's a pic of their 3 month old addition to their family. P.S. scroll up and down a little if you get that weird ghosting of one of the Text America Programmers (just a code glitch).
New Section
Hey there! I decided to add a calendar section for those of you that are wondering what I'm up to. The only catch is that I'm only making this available to friends and family. In order to get the password you'll need to either figure out what the hint I left in the calendar link is, or you'll have to email me.
Well... There you go.
So Apple officially announced their transition to the Intel Processor today. Over the weekend I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this. But now knowing that the rumors are true, I'm not too worried. It seems that almost all applications will be able to run immediately via a translator called "Rosetta". This transition is also going to take a while (2 years). Before I heard news of this I was planning on buying a G5 this summer. Will I still get one? I think so. Two years is a long time, and there's a lot of work I can do with a G5 until then. The interesting fact is that many people feel the Pentium is coming to its end of life. This has posed a problem for Microsoft because they still have legacy coding for the 486 platform which the Pentium is able to emulate. Future versions of Intel processors will not have this legacy support. Lucky for us mac users that we're not going to be stuck with legacy code! In the end my main concern is that the OS and computer retains it's ease of use and hardware integration. If it can run faster and more efficiently on a G5, then I say "go for it". Also, maybe we'll get some unexpected benefits like stronger windows compatibility.
Whatever happened to all those updates eh?
Sorry about that. I was actually looking at using some different blogging software at one point which I think has kept me from posting here. But I think from now on I'll go ahead and put in quick posts when I get the chance or find something interesting.

Today's news (actually yesterday's) is that it has supposedly been confirmed by CNET that Apple will be switching their hardware over to Intel Chips. Ever Since Darwin & Rhapsody, Apple has always kept an x86 build of the OS internal to the company. That mixed in with that fact that the CEO of Intel stated in a press conference that he's always having to remove spyware off his daughter's computer and that everyone would be better off if they got a mac seems to make this a plausible statement. Personally, I'm mixed on the whole thing. If it brings increased speed and flexibility (running Windows apps for example) to the OS, then I'm definitely for it. However, if it means that backwards compatibility and transferring apps to and from my G4 is going to become impossible without getting new builds of the programs, then I'm not too sure if I'm ready to go through that again. I guess time will tell and we'll all know our fate this monday.